Family Owned and Operated

"A Funeral Home in a Garden Setting"


When someone dies, it is a very difficult time for a family. Everyone is generally at stress. There are many different emotions affecting the same family. Some family members are numb, angry and confused all at the same time.

Having a funeral service is a way of putting people on the same focus path. It's a celebration of the individual's life. It also gives friends a way to show the family that they are not alone with their grief. This death affects the whole community of family and friends.

All members of a family must deal with the reality of the death of a person. Viewing the deceased is the best way to do this. Even having a gathering without the remains present puts a focus on the loss of the person. Once the individual accepts the loss, the grieving and healing process can begin. A traditional funeral service is a great way to start the healing and really celebrate the life of the person who meant so much to the people that attend.

Since 1927, when M. J. Suerth opened his funeral home on Northwest Highway, we have been providing quality service for our neighbors and friends. We are honored that a family will turn to us for direction in their time of need. We constantly strive to be worthy of that confidence and remain committed to the high ideals that have been established in the past. We take pride in accommodating family requests in these changing times.

We encourage comparison of our service, our facilities and charges. We feel it is important to try to have the same funeral director that arranged the details of the funeral stay with the family throughout the entire service. This makes it easier for the family to relate any desires they may have and reduces much of the confusion that can occur.

Our funeral home is handicap accessible using the ramp from the street level and once inside all the facilities are on the same level. The funeral home is made up of large viewing rooms with small rooms to the side where family and friends may gather together and visit sitting on sofas or upholstered chairs rather than rows of chairs. They can view the gardens by looking out the windows in any room. We want them to feel as if they are in their living room.

Taking into account the level of service and the quality of the facilities, families appreciate the value they receive. No emphasis is ever made on cost of merchandise. The purchaser of the least expensive casket is treated with the same regard as the purchaser of the most expensive one. If a family ever feels the cost of the total service is uncomfortable, it is the cost of the merchandise that is easiest to adjust.

We are always available to answer any questions regarding any of the services we provide. Toll free 877-631-1240 or contact us page on our website.