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Names in Alphabetical Order

This is a list of the most recent obituaries. For security reasons and to protect the families that have entrusted us with their loved ones services, we have removed many others from our current list. Please call or email us about any archived obituary.   Thank you. If you so choose to send us a contact us form click here.


Bednarz, Melissa B. (06-27-21)
Brandenburg, Kenneth W. (07-08-21)
Cusack, Matthew T.  (09-11-21)
Du Vall, Gorden L. (05-18-21)
Exconde, Sr. Emma V.  (08-07-21)
Fahey, Michael T. (07-19-21)
Frazier, Joan L. (07-18-21)
Gaughan, James Martin “Jamie” (05-28-21)
Heneghan, Maryanne (08-30-21)
Honan, Michael Martin (09-02-21)
Kern, Albert “Al” Gerard (07-30-21)
Kohler, Martha L. (09-21-21)
Kurr, Mary H. (07-01-21)
Lucchesi, Mary Ann (07-11-21)
Manzella, Nicholas W. (10-17-21)
McDermott, Marian I. (01-09-21)
McDonald, Francesca M. (03-19-21)
McGing, Catherine (08-02-21)
Moody, Jane A. (05-20-21)
Mueller, Laura L. (05-07-21)
O’ Donohue, Daniel A. (08-03-21)
O’Donovan, Timothy (07-16-21)
Olson, Mary Jo “Bunny” (06-07-21)
Piechowski, Marie E. (06-18-21)
Rebholz, Thomas Michael (10-03-21)
Sheridan, John M. (05-20-21)
Sipe, Carol J. (07-24-21)
Spear, Shirley A. (08-02-21)
Therriault, Nannette (09-29-21)
Vandenbergh, Sister Marie (05-08-21)
Westhues, Sister Mary Bernadine (08-20-21)
Yost, Robert R. “Bob” (06-07-21)