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Suerth, The Funeral Home in a Garden Setting

Suerth is another name for quality and service like "sterling on silver." This DVD will provide you with a wealth of information as to our ethics and prowess. We are a family owned and operated funeral home that has developed into an exceptional an award winning facility which has proven itself since 1927, staffed by seasoned professionals dedicated to ensuring families that they are not alone in their time of grief. Suerth is a unique facility that offers serene and tranquil surroundings for families and guests.

Please review our obituary section, which we refer to as our celebration of life, as well as our resource center. For inquiries, information or in your time of need, call toll free: 877-631-1240

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M. J. Suerth Funeral Home
6754 N. Northwest Hwy.
Chicago IL, 60631
Office - 773-631-1240
North Number - 847-823-6540
Fax - 773-631-6676

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