Death that Occurs Out of Town

One of the most difficult times in a family’s life is when a death occurs of a loved one. Today as people become more and more mobile, death often does occur outside the area where the person lives. This does not have to compound the grief a family experiences. Some prearranging or even careful thought of what a family wants can help tremendously when a death occurs. Many people in our area winter in other areas of the  United States. When a death occurs at that time families need to know what to do. A great rule of thumb is to contact the funeral home that is going to do the final services; that means no matter what the situation. You need to contact the funeral home that will do the end services before contacting any other funeral service. We are able to call service acting on our behalf to make transfers from family homes, from hospitals, or from a medical examiner’s facility in all parts of the country. The service will make the transfer, prepare the remains, and send them to our funeral home. The fees to funeral homes are much less than if a family contacted a local funeral home in the area a person died and that family asked a local funeral home to transfer the remains back to the Chicago area. The family usually deals only with Suerth.

A little planning helps. If you furnish Suerth Funeral Home with the data that is required, (see what is needed to make funeral arrangements tab) that is the only phone call that you have to make. All other arrangements would be made in Chicago. Family can set a time to make these arrangements at their convenience, all family members can gather to make the final arrangements together and there is no duplication of services charges. Again, funeral prearrangements are the best way to elevate additional stress. People who travel often should have all the details set in prearrangement form. Funeral services need not be prepaid but it is very helpful to have prearrangements set; if not for the comfort of a spouse or children but just so family members know what you want. It is a comfort to know what your parent wanted in the way of services. No one has to guess. It is even better when all the charges for the services you wanted are prepaid and then the children just have to make certain selections and set a day and time…but  the expenses are taken care of. If you have any further questions or comments please call 877-631-1240.