Cremation Services

Today the funeral industry is changing and the desires of our families vary in many ways.  At Suerth Funeral Home we will do anything to help families cope with the loss of a loved one. The options are open. Suerth offers many types of total custom service options. Cremation is definitely increasing in popularity in our area.  Fifteen years ago cremation meant not having public funeral services at all. At the Suerth Funeral Home there are several ways to customize funeral services using cremation within the services.

The majority of families who choose cremation do have a traditional funeral. A public visitation followed by a public funeral service.  We offer rental caskets, memorial visitations, memorial visitations at church and many other forms of services. The type of services is truly customized for each family. There is such a variety of  options ,it is much easier if a family member gives our office a call at 877-631-1240 to fulfill the family’s needs and answer any questions.