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Suerth Funeral Home is now sponsoring a Smart Phone App “VITAL ICE PRO” that is important to anyone individual who has health issues and this app offers many features, first and foremost first responders have all the information they need to treat patient in an emergency situation.  An individual when in an emergency situation can tap a button and a preset group of people can be notified of that situation. There is also a reminder feature for drugs and appointments.  By using the entry code 1240 this offers the user VITAL ICE PRO, this is the feature sponsored by Suerth Funeral Home. Vital Ice Pro allows Emergency Personal to contact all local Vital Ice users with local emergency information. This is instant information in a time of local emergency. Your smart phone would set an alarm for you to be aware of emergency.
Most health providers urge individuals that are alone or have any health issues to not lock access to their phones. Locking devises delay use of the phone.

Vital ICE

vital ICE